Single Axis Tracker
YongfengTown,Pucheng,40MW Eco-agriculture PV Power Project
Constructed in Pucheng County,Weinan City,Shanan Xi Province,beginning Dec.2016,totaling 50MW by applying Runsol's horizontal single tracking systems.It is one of the featured.agriculture PVpower proj... more>>
Shanglin,Guanxi 18MW Project
Constructed in August,2016 with location in Shanglin,Guangxi.totaling 18MW,applied Runsol's horizontal single-axis solar tracking system more>>
Qinghai GongHe Photovoltaic Empirical Base 5MW
Start from May 2016,and located QingHai,Gonghe,it uses Dural-axis,Tilted Single Axis,Horizontal Single axis and Ground adjustable Bracket tracking system more>>
Thailand Single Axis 10MW Case
Constructed in NakhonSawan, Thailand, beginning September 2015, totaling 10MW, applied Runsol’s horizontal single-axis solar tracking systems. more>>
Thai Single Axis 2MW Case
Constructed in the Northwesten city Kanchanaburi , Thailand, beginning July 2015, totaling 2MW, applied Runsol’s horizontal single-axis linkage solar tracking systems. more>>
Hami Single Axis 250KW Case
Constructed in Hami, used 252.2KWp horizontal single axis and 252.2p tilted single axis linkage tracking system. more>>
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