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Huangshan University teachers' application ability development workstation awarding and guest professor's engagement award ceremony

On the afternoon of April 13, 2018, Runsol Shares and Huangshan College held a certification ceremony of Huangshan College Teachers' Applied Ability Development Workstation and Chairman Sun Haitao's Visiting Professor Appointment Ceremony in the conference room of Runsol Building.Hu Jiajun, Vice Dean of Huangshan College, Zhuang Danya, Director of Personnel Department and Zhang Xiaoming, Director of Academic Affairs Department attended the award ceremony.


Under the guidance of Sun Haitao, President of Huangshan University, vice president of Huangshan University and his party visited our company. During the visit, Sun Haitao gave a detailed introduction to the company's development history, advanced products and tracking technology,successful cases and the company's prospects.


Subsequently, President Hu Jiajun introduced the construction of local applied high-level universities actively carried out by the College and the purpose and significance of establishing a workstation for teachers'application ability development. He pointed out that solar energy is the most clean, safe and reliable energy in the future, and the state is making the development and utilization of solar energy as the main content of the long-term planning of the energy revolution. Runsol has such strength and influence, the Institute will be listed on the workstation Runsol Stock Company, is not only the affirmation of the depth of cooperation between the school and enterprises, but also to promote professional construction and enterprise development.



At the signing ceremony, the two sides reached a consensus, signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement and held a "teacher application ability development workstation" license.President Hu Jiajun solemnly issued a guest professor's appointment for president Sun Haitao. Sun Haitao said: under the guidance of the principle of "resource sharing, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation", innovation in cooperation and development in a win-win situation. Through joint efforts,school enterprise cooperation will achieve fruitful results of mutual benefit and win-win results.

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