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Hebei County Zhangbei county Party committee deputy secretary Qiang Qiang and his party visited Rui group's inspection tour.

On November 21, the General Office of the StateCouncil was appointed Vice-Secretary of Zhangbei County and a cadre of povertyalleviation was strong. Yao Wanfeng, Director of Zhangbei County Bureau ofIndustry and Information Technology, General Yang of Shanghai Electric PowerDesign Institute and Manager Guo, accompanied by Sun Haitao, President of RunsolStock Company, Zhang Zhiyun, Chief Controller of Production Department, and ZhuXiaolan, Minister of Commerce and Vice-Minister of Purchasing Department, metRui. Base shares launched a series of inspection work.

Accompanied by General Sun, Secretary QiangQiang and his team visited production workshop and demonstration base of Runsol, and made a detailed understanding of Runsol 's various tracking system products. When Sun stood in the lobby of the R&D building, introducing the history and projects of Runsol, Secretary QiangQiang said: " Runsol has R&D autonomy throughout the development process, which is a very trustworthy point, a company can only master the core technology tomake the enterprise bigger and stronger."During the visit to the demonstration base,Sun introduced the application of Runsol tracking system in the "fishing-light complementary" and"agriculture-light complementary" photovoltaic power stations. He said: "Photovoltaic energy is a kind of clean energy, combining agriculture, fishing and photovoltaic energy, not only has played a specific role in ecological protection. It also alleviates the contradiction of land use and achieves double harvest. Later, they also exchanged questions about the establishment and interconnection of Zhangbei county poverty alleviation photovoltaic power station.

This visit to Runsol Shares by Qiangqiang Secretaries andtheir colleagues has provided a thorough understanding and affirmation of the company's business capability, production strength and quality management system, laying a solid foundation for all-round, deep-seated and wide-ranging cooperation between the two sides in the future. On the road of photovoltaic development, Runsol will be adhering to the spirit of "wise innovation, evergreen base industry,"committed to building a global solar tracking system industry leadership brand,give partners more trust and expectations.

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