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The Third Concentrating Solar Power Seminar

Period: June 12th-13th
Location: Xiuning County in Huangshan City,Anhui Province.

Initiated and organized by:

People's governemnt of Xiuning County

China Solar Engineering Alliance(CSEA)

Managed by:
Suzhou Industrial Park Yisheng Media Co.,Ltd.

HuangShan Jinpusen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    With the world's largest CSP plant Ivanpah became operational,the long-surpressed CSP technology has embraced a period of fast-pace growth.Thanks to the consecutive explosive development of the industry, the installed capacity of CSP plant will exceed 10GW.
   As the technology gradually climb up the ladder,heat-collecting,energy storage and low temperature power generation are all the more mature by each passing day.And the cost will accordingly plunge,enabling around the clock power supply,which will make solar power a basic energy source someday in the future.

We are here


Topics to be discussed

solar thermal collector technology

dish stirling technology

parabolic trough technology

solar tracking technology

thermal storage and phase change materials

steam turbine applied technology

thermal exchange technology

tube collectors applied technology

heliostat and reflector

10 Stirling engine generator

11 High temperature heat transfer technology

12 CSP system control

13 Technologies applied in completed CSP project

Selected representives of companies & organizations present

 (Among the senior executives invited,many are also professional experts in certain sectors of the CSP industry.)

Heavyweight experts in the CSP industry invited

Jie Ji
Assistant dean and professor of University of Science and Technology of China's School of Engineering Science.Director of Chinese Academy of Sciences' PV&CSP Technology Application Demonstration Center,Ph.D supervisor.Prof Ji's research activities now focus on Building integrated PV and CST,building energy efficiency and heating,ventilation and air conditioning.
Patent list(partial).

Jiancheng Zhang
Senior scholar of R&D of the CSP technology in China,has provided technical support to several major CSP projects in China.Have ownership and co-ownership of many ground-breaking patents.
Patent list.

Deyou Liu
Professor and Ph.D supervisor of Hohai University;Member of the International Solar Energy Society and International Association of Computational Mechanics.Research Direction of Prof Liu is Design Optimization of hydroelectric station construction design optimization,CSP device development and control of CSP system integration and wind energy resource assessment,etc.
Patent list.


Professor and Ph.D supervisor of Beijing Institute of Technology's School of chemical engineering & environment (SCEE); Member of Committee of CSP Experts of China's National Energy Administration and CGN Solar Energy Development Co.,Ltd.The research direction of Prof Wu is advanced cooling technology and CSP technology,etc.

Patent list.

Qinpei Wu
Associate professor and graduate student tutor of Beijing Institute of Technology's School of chemical engineering & environment (SCEE),has the ownership and co-owenership of various patents in the field of clean energy and environment protection.
Patent list.


Mr Ning Meng took his Ph.D at the University of Tokyou,and later graduated from University of Alberta as a post-doctor.His research direction is low temeprature power generation and solar thermal power generation.He is the founder of Micro Solar Energy LTD.

Agenda of the Seminar

Jun 11th
Checking in
Location: Smoky Willow Resort(provisional)
Guests who arrive early can join free talks and listen to a short introduction about the development of CSP in China.

Jun 12th

9:00--11:30 Analysis and outlook on the development of CSP

The development of CSP around the globe

The status quo and future of CSP in China

Review of finished projects& Preview of future projects

Representives of Abengoa Solar and SUPCON will address the seminar

12:00--13:00 Lunch Break

13:30--17:00 The development and optimization of corematerials and system

high-efficiency heat collector

Low-cost reflector production and deployment method

The optimization of solar tracking parabolic trough

Linear Fresnel reflector system

Thermal storage and thermal interface materials

The application of molten salt pump in the CSP industry

The optimization of low-temperature solar thermal power generation

The distributed solar thermal power generation

Testing and application of 3M Parabolic Trough Solar Collector

(the order of the topics are yet to be arranged)

17:30--20:00 Banquet & Free Talk

Jun 13th

9:00--11:30 Panel discussion

Financial institution's role in promoting CSP projects

Cost forecast of future CSP technology

Discussion about projects to be launched&Matching of projects and firms

12:00--13:00 Lunch Break

13:00--15:00 Visit investment projects in Xiuning County

Roadmap and Routes(after arrive in Huangshan City)

1.Huangshan Tunxi International Airport——Yingbin Avenue——West Sea( Xihai) Road——Qiyun Avenue——Huangshan South Road——Destination
2.Huangshan Railway Station——North Sea(Beihai) Road——Qiyun Avenue——Huangshan South Road——Destination
3.Tunxi Bus Station——Qiyun Avenue——Huangshan South Road——Destination
4.Expressway Exit to the west of Tunxi——Qiyun Avenue——Huangshan South Road——Destination
Concerning how to get to Huangshan City,you can contact for detailed advice.(see our contact at the end)

Additional Offer
Concernning the time and energy cost of foreign guests,we decide to add other bonuses to make the trip more rewarding.
Besides the seminar,we also provide you activities as follows:
A free tour of the renowned Huangshan (Limited offer)
PS: interpeting services are provided
all the guests present will get a customized souvenir
most of the expenses are coverd by sponsors,you only need to take care of transportation expenses.

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